What is D3STATS?

Your Diablo 3 progress

DIABLO3STATS lets you search for accounts and displays their career track and heroes stats. You can check your own account or search for your friends and enemies! Everytime an account is searched on DIABLO3STATS its data is saved so that you can check how you progress your heroes over time.

Leaderboards and statistics

Find yourself on various leaderboards, check who's got the highest paragon level, highest profile DPS, most elites killed and many others. In the future we will also track most used skills by profession or the most popular legendaries.

Simple, clean and responsive

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information provided by the other sites? On DIABLO3STATS everything is clean and simple. You don't have to read a long FAQ page to understand how this page works. Additionaly you can view it on whatever device you want, wherever you are.